July 23, 2013

New Systems + Harvest

We have had a lot of rain. In fact, the weatherman said the most in 75 years. It hasnt felt like summer at all. We had some flooding in the garden, so the corn, cantaloupes and watermelon were under water. It was about 3-4 feet of water.

The moisture has caused a lot of problems for many of the plants. Whenever there is excess moisture, things can get out of balance. Fungi can grow. Diseases can proliferate. Mold can thrive.  And since I dont use any chemicals, I had to pull up about 5 Cherokee Purple Tomato plants because of fungus issues. The cucumbers have had touches of powdery mildew and little developing cucumbers have had mold. 
Here is an example of the fuzzy white mold, {top left }cucumber that was developing. Also, the leaves have the powdery mildew. Ive heard great success stories about spraying a milk solution, yes milk, on the plant and it will re-bound. I didnt try the remedy because i had so many cucumber plants.

I did however come up with a method to combat the moisture with some of the cucumbers. I put some left over tomato cages in the ground and just trained the vines up the cages. This keeps most of the new growth off the ground so air can flow. And within a few days, the cucumbers were looking much better. And the white stuff, is just diatomaceous earth. And excuse the horrendous weeds.

And heres the long, over due photos of what we've picked

a few sweet peas
 first round of squash, zucchini and 1 pickling cucumber

1st cucumber of the season :: june 9

IMG 0724

IMG 0298

IMG 0693

IMG 0302

 june 14

june 17....note to self: plant more

june 17

the last of spring carrots harvested :: june 18

june 18

and this is usually my view after being in the garden in the evening

boston pickling cucumber

squash, zuchinni, cucumbers & eggs

Heirloom Black Cherry tomatoes....they are really delicious

It has been amazing to see the sunflowers grow & bloom

This raised bed has really gone nuts...next time, I will plant less morning glories or plan a bit better. The vines are over taking the cucumbers that I planted in the bed. I cant seem to find the cucumbers until its too late and then they are too large to eat.  Also I cannot find enough supports to contain the vines. They are really pretty, but they are a bit out of control. I have 3 upside-down tomato cages, 4 sticks of 7 foot bamboo, 1 bent rebar, 2, 8 foot twisted garden stakes and of course the PVC pipe trellis.

Here is an Amish Paste tomato that a mouse got into.
This is also an example of a typical harvest right now, 6-8 cucumbers, handful of cherry tomatoes and some large tomatoes (including the mouse bites). By the way, I dont eat the already eaten ones, Im just showing you. Ill toss it in the compost pile.

A baby Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon. I planted these from seed which I bought from Baker Creek Heirloom in Missouri. It is a historic heirloom grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1794. It was offered commercially in the USA in 1824. Let's hope I get some before the mice do!

The Ananas Melon is growing visibly everyday

Im having to pick the tomatoes very early because Im having some mouse issues....

To be continued.......


  1. Look At Your Garden! And All Your Beautiful Food!!! Cannot Get Over The RAin. But It Looks Like You Are Still Thriving :) I Wish I Could TaSte Test All Of It!
    (PardOn My Phone That Is Forcing Every New WOrd To Be Capitalized :( )

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I kinda wish u would've tried the milk thing just to see but I understand the over abundant amount you would have to do...LOL. the carrots look amazing..you need to talk to your brother in law aka my husband, about those mice...hehe it looks awesome..


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