March 25, 2013

Spring is Here

It was a rainy and cold weekend here, so I didn't do much in the garden. Which is alright because the almanac says " march 23-26, a barren period.

I did, however, make more milk jug greenhouses and have a few project wounds--a couple of burns and I got bit by the drill bit Still working on that post, though. 

I'm so excited about re-vamping the garden and preparing for the growing season. I'll leave you with some images that inspire me.... in reality, some are do-able and then some are just eye candy for now. 
     source: house& home, may 2010

I will be trying this system of companion and beneficial planting.  Along with some tepee forms for the tomato plants    source

I would love to get some sort of beans and or peas running on this type of trellis. To give the garden some character.   source 

I will be busy in the garden this week. The weather forecast looks good. Here are some previews of what I will be posting this week.

never thought i'd be digging for earthworms

ripping up ground cover

broccoli & cauliflower

planting seeds

Compost pile

dancing in the wind

raised beds are built....thank you Stevie



  1. i Just Enjoy This So Much! I Know Absolutely Nothing About Gardening, But Im Totally Enthralled. Want To Learn!!! Cant Wait To Watch Your Garden Grow, Girl!

  2. Your comment makes me so happy~ I am so glad to hear your positive feedback! Im ready too !


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