May 2, 2013

Bolting Broccoli

Say what? Yes...the broccoli bolted. It means that it started turning to flower because the temperatures are too warm.

It is rather strange because we have had mostly cool weather with some hot days. But it was still very, very delicious! It was a super easy crop too. I had no issues with bugs, which is always good! I usually go out to the garden twice a day to make sure the plants are well watered and I dont see any evidence of pests.  Each day while I made my rounds, I was always so excited to see how it grew so quickly. Its funny because after a nice soaking rain, the next day, I'd always see a huge growth spurt.
I will try broccoli as a fall crop and see if that helps keep the head intact and it loves cool weather.
I have no cauliflower yet....Im just seeing huge leaves. Im researching this further.
And on Tuesday evening, we had our first Garden to Table dinner. I used the broccoli in a pasta primavera. I  tend to improvise and use a combination of recipes to make meals. If you want to read more about the meal. You can see it here

Meanwhile, here are some photographs:
 april 17...the head is fully intact

april 23 cauliflower

april 23

april 23

april 26     turning to flower

planted on march 12 and harvested april 30

april 30 

april 30 

her hands are occupied

even lilly gets to eat the broccoli

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  1. She can't wait to get in the know Ur nephew, Bailey, LOVES broccoli... Hint.hint.... Hate that about the cauliflower.. can't wait to hear why that happened...


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