May 24, 2013


Gardening is teaching me patience....I have been waiting and waiting on the seeds to grow & finally vegetation is emerging.

Every year, something changes. So far, this year, it has been the weather. The weather has been cool and rainy. Im enjoying the cool weather, however, the warm weather crops are not so happy. It has been a slow growing season so far, but still excited to see what is ahead.

So many things have been going on in the garden:

1. water is now piped to the garden
2. we made a cucumber trellis out of pvc pipe
3. planted kale, onions, shallots
4. harvested some kale already
5. harvested 4 beets
6. pulled up the broccoli (5.22.13)
7. saw emerging cauliflower heads for the first time (5.22.13)
8. planted beans, sunflowers, more marigolds, morning glories, corn, watermelon, canteloupe, 
    tomatoes, parsley, borage, zinnas, asters, bachelors button, snapdragons, lavender, celosia and             salvia
9. transplanted the seedlings I started in the milk jug greenhouses (zinnas, aster, cilantro, and

Now for the exciting visuals

its so nice to have water in the garden. no more messy hoses!

may 8      the beets are coming along...they are now doubled in size

supplies for trellis

Here's part of the trellis...can you believe my 3 year old took this picture of me?

Below is a better view of the trellis

kale, shallots and onions
kale inter-planted with marigolds : marigolds right below kale
4 beets harvested on may 22
cauliflower is really growing....i think i may have planted them too close...oops!
its been raining, so i havent been able to take a picture of how the cauliflower looks right now. Its doubled in size from this picture 2 weeks ago

planting corn.....non-GMO corn (Genetically Modified Organism) . Get Facts Here 

pole beans emerging from the ground

pole beans are fast growing

decided to grow the pole beans along the fence instead of using a bed and trying to making supports...the fence is perfect for beans to climb
snap peas are coming along.  I had to re-plant them a couple of weeks ago. These seem to be doing much better.

            Cucumbers. I didnt plant them this close....the rain must have washed the seeds together. Had to do some thinning

Zinna Transplants


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