June 18, 2013

a garden tour

I seem to be short on words and way behind on posting....so enjoy the visual tour of whats growing and being harvested.

 may 22 :: harvesting broccoli leaves
IMG 9297
may 20 ::  sunflowers & beans are just wee little plants, planted from seed

IMG 0200
may 29:: sunflowers up close & growing

IMG 0245
 may 31 ::  sunflowers & beans are growing along fence 

                         may 31                         june 4:: should have picked it at this stage

IMG 0207

may 29 :: {black from tula }tomato plant is growing!
The Black from Tula is a Russian heirloom from the region in Tula. Its suppose to be the largest of the Black tomatoes (really, really dark red). My first time growing this heirloom variety

IMG 0232
pea plant is growing nicely...planted from seed

IMG 0236
carrot bed....planted from seed
IMG 0222
my beet washer

IMG 0238

IMG 0270
 kale, onions and shallots...planted onion bulbs

IMG 0294

IMG 0277

IMG 0282

IMG 0286

IMG 0284

IMG 0287

IMG 0302

IMG 0289

IMG 0292

planted beets from seed

IMG 0298

IMG 9282
 i need a farm house sink + a bigger refrigerator

IMG 8819
 may 16   planting more

IMG 0217
may 16 :: stevie in the background watering squash, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes (i.e. His Garden)

IMG 9021

we have been fortunate to have so much rain, but.....its causing the weeds to grow too

IMG 9244
 corn....planted from seed (kernels)

IMG 0433

june 6 :: look how quickly the corn grows & the weeds too...quite embarrassing

IMG 0422

IMG 0417


IMG 0409
tomato plants:: black cherry , qmish paste & black from tula

IMG 0413
 black cherry tomato plant

IMG 0408
 pea & cucumber trellis, morning glories, sunflowers, zinnas and marigolds      (all planted from seed)

IMG 0394
 marigold interplanted with tomatoes as well as cucmbers

IMG 0661
75 stalks of corn

IMG 0666
 pole beans

IMG 0667

 squash amongst pigweeds

IMG 0668

IMG 0669

IMG 0671
 this section has really grown

IMG 0676
some sunflowers are over 6 feet tall

IMG 0677
 black cherry tomatoes are multiplying

IMG 0678
 borage. this is my first time planting this flower/herb. i read that it is an excellent companion plant for tomatoes. it helps to ward off the horn worm. it brings in beneficial pollinators to the plant in hopes the pollinators will also visit the tomatoes. This was planted from seed.

IMG 0679
 amish paste

IMG 0680
 black from tula

IMG 0683

 zinna getting ready to bloom

IMG 0696

IMG 0697
 huge sunflower with a marigold wrapped around it

IMG 0699
 finally getting some peas

IMG 0700

IMG 0703

IMG 0705

IMG 0714

IMG 0715
 cucumber with baby cucumbers

IMG 0723

IMG 0718

IMG 0719
 this little tomato plant in the foreground was one of the ones i started from seed in the milk-jug greenhouse

IMG 0722
Cherokee purple tomato plant


another view

sunflowers are huge!

Hope y'all enjoyed the tour.....i will also post this week about the vegetables we've harvested and a little something about bugs


  1. I am so impressed! You make it look fun and do-able. Can't wait to see what a Black from Tula tomato looks like!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Katie! I'll keep you posted :)


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